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Thanks, Louise — and that is indeed a useful point.

The Paragraph Sorting Service

Your advice it great. I tried and it was great, but it eliminated the spacing between the references. How can I prevent that from happening? Liz Dexter. You probably used line spaces enter twice between the entries rather than automatic paragraph spacing. Then it will treat each of those lines as a blank line and put then first in the alphabetical list. Have a look at this article and you can follow the links for two methods of paragraph spacing https: This was quite helpful — thank you! I would just like to point out that I had generated my References list using the generate Bibliography feature in MS Word.

Amit kumar Bauri. I am trying to use alphabetical refere style for references in word but i found it did that but it put the second author before the first author on which the references are arranged which makes looks not arranged in alphabetical order , what is the problem. Can you give me some more information, please — are you using the references function in Word and which version of Word are you using?

Sort a list alphabetically in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

Then I can try to help you. I am using IEEE-Alphabetical order reference style in Word to insert the references in my paper , when i check the master list in the reference functions , they are already in order and it put it in the documents it is in the order but it the second name first instead of the first name which makes it does not seem to be in alphabetical order. Thank you sooo much!! Any suggestions? I hope that helps! Can you let me know if that works, please?

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Word's sorting feature offers robust, multi-layered capability

Wander or wonder? Press the A-Z button and up pops a dialogue box. Click on OK , and look what you get: Find all the short cuts here … Share this: Like this: Like Loading Liz at Libro April 11, at Louise Harnby April 11, at Ruma November 28, at 8: Liz Dexter November 28, at 9: Gill Rose April 11, at Liz at Libro April 11, at 4: How to put text in alphabetical order in Word Land, Sea and Space.

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Amit kumar Bauri March 26, at 6: Liz at Libro March 31, at 6: Liz at Libro April 7, at 8: Jacob June 1, at 5: Thanks and God Bless! To sort a list of text, you can copy and paste the list into a table, sort it, and then copy it back out. The trick is to merge the data into a single cell before copying back out of the table. Let's say you've got a list and you want to sort it. You want to do that in Pages.

Now you'd think there would be some option to do that in Pages but there's not. There's not a way to do it in TextEdit either.

Sort a list alphabetically

You can use a third party app like TextWrangler. You can get that in the Mac App Store and you can easily sort text there. You can also, of course, sort in Numbers, a spreadsheet. That's one of the primary things it does. But let's say you want to keep it simple. You want to do it in Pages. You've just got this list here. There is a way to do it. You're going to have to use Tables inside of Pages to do it in a similar way that you would do it in Numbers. But you don't have to leave the text in a table.

Microsoft word shortcut : how to sort or ascend alphabetically

So let's look at how you would do it. Then I'm going to click before the list there because I'm going to insert a table. I don't want to replace this text with a table. I want to insert a new table just before it. This is going to be a temporary table. I'm going to delete it when I'm done. I'm going to use the totally blank template there. So no header columns or rows.

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I'm also going to click here and reduce the number of columns to one. Then I can shrink this so it's pretty small. I'm also going to set it here under Format, Arrange to No Wrap so I can basically move it over here and it won't interfere with the stuff that's there.

I'm going to click in the first cell and I'm going to Paste. So remember I've copied all these names here. I'm going to Edit, Paste and now it populates this table here.

You can see it becomes a very long table. Go all the way to the bottom of it and it'll stay on the first page but it is actually, you can see there it's kind of stops working after the first page. But it's all there. All one thousand cells. So now sorting is fairly trivial.

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  6. I click on the header here, A, and I click Sort Ascending. It's going to sort them all in ascending order. Now I've got it all sorted. So I'm going to click on the first cell here and I'm going to Select All again. It's going to select all of the cells. Now here's where a lot of people get tripped up when trying to do this.