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Important: Once you have removed field codes, you cannot edit your citations and bibliography. Always retain a formatted copy of your document with field codes.

Formatting an APA Style References Page (MS Word for Mac 2011)

Desk Hours: M-F am-5pm. Search this Guide Search. Mendeley: The Basics Mendeley is a free reference manager that can help organize your research by generating bibliographies, collaborating easily with other researchers online and by discovering the latest research. Installing Citation Plugin The Mendeley citation plugin allows you to insert citations and create bibliographies in Microsoft Word and LibreOffice documents.

Other citation and bibliography options

A box informing you that the plugin has been installed should appear. Install citation plugin Citation plugin installed. Inserting Citations Prior to inserting citations, check for duplicate references in your library see 'Removing Duplicates' for instructions.

Restore the EndNote toolbar: Mac

The floating Mendeley tool bar will appear; select Insert or Edit Citation from this toolbar. Insert citation in Microsoft Word for Windows In the box that appears, enter text author's last name, year, title, keyword, etc. Mendeley citation editor.

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Editing Citations To add, delete or edit an in-text citation, click on the citation number or name to highlight it in grey. Edit citation. Inserting Bibliographies Create Bibliography with In-Text Citations Once you have inserted citations into your document, place your cursor where you would like the bibliography to appear.

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Insert bibliography in Microsoft Word for Windows Create Bibliography without In-Text Citations You can also generate a formatted list of references without in-text citations. This method works in Word, as well as programs for which Mendeley does not have a plugin, such as Google Docs and Pages. In your Mendeley library, click the Author, Title, Year or Published In headings at the top of the center panel to sort your library by author last name, title, year or journal.

Use the Ctrl Command or Shift keys to select the references you wish to include in your bibliography.

Restoring EndNote Tools in Word for MacIntosh Computers

Right-click and choose Copy as Open your Word, Pages or Google document. Place your cursor where you want the bibliography to appear. You can also drag and drop references from Mendeley into your Word, Pages or Google documents. The reference will appear as a complete, formatted citation.

Inability to add bibliography and numbered citations- X9, Mac OS and MS word 2016; ver 16.17

Changing Citation Style Citation styles are templates that control the appearance of in-text citations and bibliographies. Choosing a citation style. Removing Field Codes What are field codes? Why should I remove field codes?

Export without Mendeley fields. Need Help? In addition to creating in-text citation, EndNote will insert a bibliography at the end of the document based on the style you have selected.

Second, in EndNote, you need to modify a citation style so that it can create a bibliography at the end of each section. To do this:. Inthe EndnOte tool ribbon, the citation style currently selected will be displayed in the "Style" pull-down menu. Inserting Figures with Captions. The first step to inserting figures with captions into a Word document using Cite-While-You is to create an EndNote reference for the figure.

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Step 1: Creating an EndNote for a Figure:. Step 2: Inserting Figures into a Word Document:. Search this Guide Search. EndNote: the Basics. What is EndNote? Select Save.