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Softwaretipp: DVD kopieren mit MacX DVD Ripper Pro (& Giveaway)

Our favorite is the option to simulate burning to a disc before actually committing to it, enabling you to identify potential errors and avoid wasting a disc if something goes wrong. You'll want to select one of the other options if you're planning to share the image with other people who might be using different software. It walks you through each step of creating your discs.

BurnAware Free has long been one of our favorite disc-burning applications, and it's also a great tool when you need to copy a DVD. There's no option for removing DRM, but that won't be a problem since you aren't going to be copying protected discs. Don't let that put you off though; it's still an excellent tool that'll do a great job of copying your DVDs.


For simple DVD copying, IQmango's software is ideal, but it's worth noting that it's only designed for video discs. Some video publishers might choose more elaborate methods of encryption, which might prevent you from ripping the DVD all together.

Rip DVDs with VLC on Your Mac

This is pretty rare, but is something you should be aware of when performing a DVD rip. An alternative method to ripping is to clone the DVD, which means you also back up the menu and extras. Create a new folder named after the movie, then select the DVD disc under the Devices heading on the left. If Finder appears to get jammed then sorry, the disc uses copy protection. Rename your folder, keeping the movie title but adding.

Once you do this, the folder will turn into a single file. There are two ways of ripping a Blu-ray Disc to a Mac. The first involves decrypting and copying the entire disc to an. We used Aurora Software's Blu-ray Copy free ; a two-hour film took two hours to copy.

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To play the copy, mount the disc image. The second option is to make an MKV file. MKV is a file-container format that can hold video, audio, picture, and subtitle tracks in a single file. It can decrypt a Blu-ray disc and save whatever parts you want in an MKV container. The decryption process takes about half the duration of the film; you'll have an MKV file that you can play back with VLC or other software. If you have installed a new printer for example from Canon or Epson, it may have come with extra fonts that were installed on your computer.

Lots of software, for example Comic Life, iWork and Microsoft Office, install extra fonts onto your computer when they are installed. It may also be that you have deliberately purchased one or more new fonts and added them to your computer. You actually have two library folders.

One is here, on your main Hard Drive:. The first fonts folder contains the fonts available to any user on your computer.

Free download of the best DVD Copy Software for MAC

The second one in your user directory contains just the fonts that are available to your user. If you want to copy one of these fonts to a different computer you can just copy it like any other file. You can drag the font to a thumbdrive, e-mail it to yourself at a different computer, or copy it across the network to your laptop. On the new computer you simply need to double-click the font and you will get a little window showing you a preview of what the font looks like.