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Page Placing Tables. Page Analysis Tables. About the author. Read more. Comment from the forums. The first chart says "higher is better" for the load time. Chrome is the best browser out there right now. While FireFox maybe more popular then Chrome is, Chrome has shown why it is the best browser out today. If you haven't used Chrome yet it's def worth a look. The reader function in safari actually looks really nice. Although I'd never use Safari on principle.

Portable Firefox OS X - FreeSMUG

I hope other browsers implement a similar function. Being on a Macbook with only 3GB of memory, memory is the most important factor for me. I open a LOT of tabs and I keep them open for long periods. For awhile I used Chrome, but recently switched to Firefox 6 and saw my memory utilization drop by well over 1GB.

Granted with Firefox I was able to do something I am not able to do in any other browser, I could group my tabs into tab groups. I believe this allows for more efficient memory management, i. Not having done any tests, this is pure speculation. Despite what this article would suggest. And exactly what principle would that be? Firefox 6 comes in third for both OSes, representing a major drop from Firefox 5. I keep Opera, more memory used and time to load pages is nothing when it load pages correctly; and the feeling in its interface is the greater.

I think it would give more insight to give percentages in the analysis tables rather than just ranking them. On OSX browser 'vendors' are denied access to certain os hooks that would make their browsers better than they are.

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Nice overview: thank you. These "browser" GP are getting more and more complete and the're always very interesting. I have been using FF since 1. Looking forward to GP7, whenever that will be. You should've put more emphasis on the actual scores and performances in tests rather than count the times when certain browsers placed 1st. Thus a browser that had a small advantage in more and minor tests and at the same time severe handicaps in more important but fewer tests would seem better, when technically it is not.

Using macOS (Mac OS X) Lion in 2019

Suggestion: tie all the candidates when the differences between them in a certain test are less than a single digit percent. Good article anyway. Tried Chrome, but somehow it doesn't behave the way I wanted. Browsing pages is faster with Firefox on kbps internet. Makes me wonder I had to switch to Chrome, FF was crashing like crazy here, and i only have Firebug add-on installed. The person who thumbed me down must be a genuine Chrome fanboy Don't get me wrong here, I'm a Chrome fan myself I even got a t-shirt and sticker from Google for my help at their Facebook fan page.

Maybe, if my internet is 1 mbps I won't know the difference between the two browsers. But the fact is, Chrome loads pages slower than FF on my laptop. Can't put my finger on the cause though. Not by much, but for a fast reader like me, a few seconds on multiple pages means something. I find opera does the best job at recovering my tabs after a crash or when opera is reloaded.

Mozilla now curates a list of recommended extensions for Firefox

Chrome has the tendancy to forget my tabs after a crash. IE9, closes my tabs off when i close the web browser unless I terminate IE9 from memory. Both Opera and Chrome work good with many tabs open, but when it comes to a system crash opera will not forget my tabs. On the other hand, sometimes I wish to open the web browser with no tabs, and not have the system forget about my tabs. View stats. Chromium OSX Portable Firefox OS X is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser packaged as portable application so you can take your bookmarks, extensions, history, cookies, and saved passwords with you.

Inspired by useful Cross-platform Portable Firefox 1. Firefox application and profile folder are inside the bundle: " Portable Firefox. Read also Portable Safari Copy Preferences page.

Firefox mac os x lion 10.7.5

Remove file "Portable Firefox. Know issue: when you upgrade your profile from a version prior to 2. As the "profile" folder path is changed, just drag it in the "app" folder. Portable Firefox OS X start both from external and internal volunes hard disk. You can syncronize your portable and "stable" Firefox simply by coping " profile " folder. This little work was made possible by Cross-platform Portable Firefox 1.

Portable Firefox.

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