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If you just like the layout of a website, viewing the source to see how that layout was achieved will help you learn and improve your own work. Over the years, many web designers and developers have learned quite a lot of HTML simply by viewing the source of web pages they see.

Remember that source files can be very complicated. Viewing the HTML source is just the first step. If you are using the Safari browser , here is how you can view a page's source code to see how it was created. If the Develop menu is not visible, go into Preferences in the Advanced section and select Show Develop menu in menu bar.

Click Show Page Source. While copying a site's code wholesale and passing it off as your own on a site is certainly not acceptable, using that code as a springboard to learn from is actually how many advancements are made in this industry.

In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a working web professional today who has not learned something by viewing a site's source! In the end, web professionals learn from each other and often improve upon the work that they see and are inspired by, so don't hesitate to view a site's source code and use it as a learning tool. Online Email Editors This looks like an expensive proposition, especially if all you want to do is design and send an custom invitation to a few friends.

Safari - View the Source Code of a Webpage

Use an online HTML email editor. Bee is designed specifically for the purpose of creating responsive HTML emails.

Navigating the HTML

Regardless of which service you choose to use, be sure to check your file in Safari. This method works regardless of how you created the HTML file. The nice thing is that by hosting those images on a server, the formatted email complete with photos is actually quite small — the example above is KB in size, even though the images that are used in it are well over 2 MB each.

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Thanks for this article. Is sending emails through Mac convenient and more effective than that through Outlook? Safari seems to only let me display the code that is currently shown onscreen, and not the alternative.

How to View Source Code of a Webpage in Safari on iPhone and Mac

Do you have another suggestion to get the code into Mail. I have tested it and it seems to work. On an iphone it looks like there is a bit more space added in between each JPG, but its not that major. I appreciate any advice. Bad News: It was last updated for High Sierra.

Using TextEdit (Mac) to create HTML files